To provide leadership in the conservation of our natural resources through educational and technical assistance to individuals within our district.


Grass Drill

New Service made possible in part by the following cost share entities...

  1. Pheasants Forever
  2. ND Game and Fish
  3. National Wild Turkey Federation
  4. Ducks Unlimited
  5. ND Natural Resource Trust

This service will be available for Spring, Summer, and Fall seeding. (1590 No Till John Deere Grass Drill)
It will come with a new John Deere tractor and operator. It will be $30.00 an acre with a minimum of $250.00. We will allow surrounding out of county use but will charge a mileage fee starting in Devils Lake.
Call our office for more details.

Girl's Night Out

Girl's Night Out

The very existence of every man, woman, and child in the nation is dependent on the SOIL!


Space for Rent

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Space for Rent
Space for Rent

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Space for Rent

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Phone: 662-4901
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